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Das Luftschiff

duration: loop

year of creation: 2022

Leo of the Desert

(Dedicated to Leo Nussimbaum - a mysterious writer also known as Essad Bey and Kurban Said)


He wasn't born in the desert. The blood of the native tribes did not flow in his veins. He was not waylaid in a dark alley by bloodthirsty janissaries. And the beautiful concubines from the sultan's harem did not shed their bitter tears for him. His name was Leo, but no one called him the “Leo of the Desert.” Because he wasn't. But he wanted to be. 

His dream was to become a mysterious, intriguing, exotic oriental prince. He wanted to become a sort of “Lawrence of Arabia” for post-war Weimar Germany. After all, that Germany was open to creative experiments, loved all this exoticism, Asia, Africa, America, and jazz. 

Afterwards, he recreated this brand-new world for Germany. The world of his childhood. The world of burning oil fields, bloodthirsty natives with sharp daggers, oil millionaires beating their managers in the rooms of beautiful palaces furnished with expensive furniture, their bored wives lying on pillows sewn with gold, “one-day” governments which are replacing each other, the world of blood feud and boundless greed, the mysterious world of the Caucasus and Turkestan, the world of the WW1 and Revolution, which she swept it all away and destroyed it. 


As a result, he became himself…

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