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Geography Lesson. Homework

Interactive installation

dimensions variable

medium: pencils, erasers, white board

year of creation: 2003

Interactive drawing. 
(Pencils, marker, erasers, white wall)
Viewers invited to re-draw, change and erase borders on the world map. 

With gentle introduction of the artist, a harmless lesson of geography turns into a captivating game of spontaneous reshaping of the world. Anybody who desires may outline their own country whichever way they see fit.  Human history shows that almost all wars, and in particular, all conflicts of the 20th century were waged for the sole purpose of remaking of the world. Political and technological strategies of reshaping the maps of the planet are a conceptual source of all gory wars and permanent violence energy. Contemporary Art proposes forms of sublimating that energy. It is better to project one’s latent geopolitical ambition upon the plane of a drawn map, rather than manifest it in various forms on a political arena, which intrinsically is pregnant with impulses of enmity and distrust. 


Text: Teymur Daimi (art critic, PhD) 

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