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False Flags


medium: Print on fabric

year of creation: 2012-2022

Unrecognised State

Everything-is-Allowed State

Handcut and Stoning Union

Working-on-Nuclear-Weapons Federation

Kill-Your-Neighbour-with-Machete Organisation

Same Old Shit Confederation

Wounded Deer Republic

Technical States

Neo Pirates

Stoned State

Peoples’ Republic of Jeyranbatan

The flag is a piece of fabric painted in various colors. 

The flag is sworn - the flag is burned, the flag is raised - the flag is trampled underfoot, the flag is kissed - the flag is used to cover the corpses of soldiers, the flag is worn on the chest – the flag is torn apart, the flag is adored – the flag is hated, for the flag they die – for the flag they kill, with the flag they go into battle – with the flag they surrender. There are recognized flags and unrecognized flags, militant and peaceful, beautiful and ugly, colored and black-and-white.  Thousands of people kill thousands of people every day for flags…

The flag is a piece of fabric painted in various colors.

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